PC Gaming
  • We have a combined number of 250 state of the art gaming PCs that will allow you to run any game at the highest resolution and a stable 144 hz refresh rate to match our monitors.

  • Two state of the art locations designed to be the perfect environment for an esports player.

  • PC home rental service, we will deliver a perfect gaming experience right to your door. 

Esports Tournament Organizing 
  • With up to 50+ esports tournaments under our belts, we can host tournaments in-house at (Xentrics Gaming), online or anywhere within the kingdom.

  • We provide up to 250 esports ready PCs and monitors(144hz).

  • Full streaming equipment and the staff required to operate it.

  • Full bracket and seeding management. 

  • Spread across appropriate social media channels and communities.

  • We have a team of esports tournament organizers.

Esports Team Management
  • Scouting services, we can scout top-level players for any of the major games.

  • Host Esports teams within Xentrics Gaming, they will have their own practicing area.

  • Arrange and schedule skirmishes for teams to practice actively under our supervision.



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